Oct. 1988 Established SOFTWARE Lab. LTD. in Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture.
May 1989 Established Firmware, Financial Device, CAD Development Dept.
Nov. 1991 Established Control System Development Dept.,& Electronic Device Design Dept.
Oct. 1994 Development of image recognition and speech recognition for vending machines.
Apr. 1995 Established Hardware Development Dept.
Oct. 1996 Established FPGA Development as contract.
Oct. 1997 Inaugration of the HACCP related software development project.
Nov. 1998 Launched RISC Micro Computer Board (SH Series) & Micro Computer kit for teaching materials.
Nov. 1998 Trial production development of the Control System of vehicles which utilize the cellular-phone.
Oct. 2002 Launched the Original Numerical Control Device & Programmable Logic Controller.
Feb. 2005 Launched the Original H8 Micro Computer kit for teaching materials.
Feb. 2005 H8K-2 Micro Computer Board was awarded the IT Bussiness Prize in 2005 by Gunma prefectural. governor.
Oct. 2006 Launched Real Time OS for SH Series, Original Debugger, USB/1394/tcpip Library.
Jan. 2007 Launched H.264 Original Library.
Oct. 2008 Inaugration of the power unit DSP C2000 development project.
Apr. 2009 Inaugration of the original micro computer KOMETSUBU-M & Zigbee development project.
Jan. 2012 Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo, articles at the Exhibition; AT2000/EB485/ZAP1
Oct. 2012 Japan International SME Exhibition 2012, articles at the Exhibition; Smart phone application "ITSUDEMO VIEWER" to control an EB system. / EB system
Jan. 2013 Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo, articles at the Exhibition; EB system for agriculture / AT2000 (IC Tester)
Dec. 2013 Started a "joint research related to labor-saving irrigation technology development" with Gunma Agricultural Technology Center.